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Photo of Switching Transformers

In basic terms, switching transformers perform the same function as other transformers (that is, step-up or step-down voltage levels). However, due to their material components, switching transformers are optimized to operate at higher frequencies than their laminated counterparts. This is achieved, in most cases, by the use of ferrite cores.

The power supplied by a switching transformer is output as a square wave form (as with pulse transformers) or may be conditioned by circuitry to a sine wave output (as with linear transformers).

The primary advantages of switching transformers are smaller size / lighter weight; greater efficiency / power density; and lower heat generation. The primary disadvantages are higher susceptibility to electromagnetic interference (EMI); and less rugged construction.

Sun Transformer can design and manufacture switching transformers to meet nearly any requirement. For more information about how we can provide your transformer needs, please send us your specifications or call us today!

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