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STC is a leader in providing power supplies and control power sources for complex lighting consoles. As lighting requirements have changed, we have continued to provide the most efficient transformers for each specific application. STC manufactures transformers for a wide range of high-reliability lighting applications, serving many different industries, including:

  • Aerospace / Avionics Lighting: Transformers for both interior and exterior lights, including position lights, anti-collision lights, landing lights, taxi lights, and more.
  • Stage Lighting: Transformers for luminaires with fixed and selectable voltages (ranging from 100 to 277 volts), pixelated luminaires, bar lights, and others.
  • Lighting Controls: Transformers as power source for panel interface controls, such as stage-lighting controls.
  • Tower Lights: Transformers provide power for tower lights to meet Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) and International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) tower-lighting requirements.
  • Marine Lighting: Transformers for both sea-vessel navigation lights as well as seaport and container-port lighting.

To accommodate power requirements for specific equipment, STC manufactures many different transformer types. For lighting applications, common transformers include Power Transformers (both single phase and three-phase), Switching Transformers, Control Transformers, Ferroresonant Transformers, and others.

ISO 9001:2015 Registration Mark

STC Sun Transformer is an ISO 9001 certified engineering and manufacturing company. We are also industry certified to IPC-A-610 (J-STD-001) manufacturing standards. Our magnetics components are used in a wide range of high-reliability applications with demanding specifications and must perform in harsh environmental conditions.

Sun Transformer can design and manufacture control transformers to meet nearly any requirement. For more information about how we can provide your transformer needs, please send us your specifications or call us today!

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