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Sun Transformer designs, prototypes, and manufactures custom electronic transformers to meet exacting customer requirements. We build custom transformers and inductors of our own designs as well as designs provided by our customers, and we serve a wide variety of industries and applications, including defense/military, aerospace/aeronautics, transportation, broadcast communications, industrial controls, medical equipment, and many others.

Sun Transformer can contribute to all stages of the product-development lifecycle, from initial product design and prototype to manufacture, test, and service according to existing specifications. Our facility is equipped with precision manufacturing and testing equipment to ensure both quality and competitive pricing. We offer 100% testing according to customer specifications.

Our design engineers work with customers to define specifications for new products, and we offer prototyping services to ensure that our products fully meet your requirements.

Sun Transformer can design and manufacture custom transformers to meet nearly any requirement. For more information about how we can provide your transformer needs, please send us your specifications or call us today!

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