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Click the map to open a full-sized map, which shows color-coded map of worldwide voltage and frequency standards. Please contact us for more detailed information about how we can accommodate your voltage and frequency requirements.

Worldwide Voltage and Frequency Standards

Electrical Standards by Country

CountryVoltageFrequency (Hz)
Albania220 V50 Hz
Argentina220 V50 Hz
Australia240 V50 Hz
Bahrain230 V50 Hz
Belgium230 V50 Hz
Belize110/220 V60 Hz
Bermuda120 V60 Hz
Bolivia230 V50 Hz
Bosnia220 V50 Hz
Brazil110/220 V60 Hz
Bulgaria230 V50 Hz
Canada110 V60 Hz
Chile220 V50 Hz
China220 V50 Hz
Colombia110 V60 Hz
Costa Rica120 V60 Hz
Croatia230 V50 Hz
Czech Republic230 V50 Hz
Denmark230 V50 Hz
Dominican Republic110 V60 Hz
Ecuador110/220 V60 Hz
Egypt220 V50 Hz
El Salvador120/240 V60 Hz
England240 V60 Hz
Estonia230 V50 Hz
Finland230 V50 Hz
France230 V50 Hz
French Guiana (Guyane)220 V50 Hz
Germany230 V50 Hz
Great Britain240 V50 Hz
Greece230 V50 Hz
Greenland220 V50 Hz
Guam110 V60 Hz
Guatemala120 V60 Hz
Guyana240 V60 Hz
Haiti110 V60 Hz
Honduras110 V60 Hz
Hong Kong220 V50 Hz
Hungary230 V50 Hz
Iceland220 V50 Hz
India230 V50 Hz
Indonesia220 V50 Hz
Ireland230 V50 Hz
Israel220 V50 Hz
Italy230 V50 Hz
Jamaica110 V50 Hz
Japan100 V50/60 Hz
Jordan220 V50 Hz
Kuwait240 V50 Hz
Latvia220 V50 Hz
Lithuania220 V50 Hz
Liechtenstein220 V50 Hz
Luxembourg220 V50 Hz
Macau220 V50 Hz
Macedonia220 V50 Hz
Malaysia240 V50 Hz
Malta240 V50 Hz
Mexico120 V60 Hz
Monaco230 V50 Hz
Montenegro220 V50 Hz
Netherlands230 V50 Hz
New Zealand230 V50 Hz
Nicaragua120 V60 Hz
Northern Ireland240 V50 Hz
Norway230 V50 Hz
Okinawa100 V60 Hz
Panama110 V60 Hz
Paraguay220 V50 Hz
Peru220 V60 Hz
Philippines220 V60 Hz
Poland230 V50 Hz
Portugal230 V50 Hz
Puerto Rico120 V60 Hz
Romania220 V50 Hz
Russia220 V50 Hz
Saudi Arabia110/220 V60 Hz
Scotland240 V60 Hz
Serbia220 V50 Hz
Singapore230 V50 Hz
Slovak Republic230 V50 Hz
South Africa220-240 V50 Hz
South Korea220 V60 Hz
Spain230 V50 Hz
Sweden230 V50 Hz
Switzerland230 V50 Hz
Taiwan110 V60 Hz
Thailand220 V50 Hz
Trinidad & Tobago115/230 V60 Hz
Turkey230 V50 Hz
United Arab Emirates220 V50 Hz
United Kingdom (U.K.)240 V50 Hz
United State of America110-120/220 V60 Hz
Uruguay220 V50 Hz
Venezuala120 V60 Hz
Vietnam220 V50 Hz
Virgin Islands (British and U.S.)110/220 V60 Hz
Wales24050 Hz